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Winter Wardrobe. Not that one that leads to Narnia, you understand.

Urgh, as I type there’s sleet on the window. Some might even call it bone fide snow. What is this, winter or something? Luckily, my cast-iron, etched-in-stone, cannot-be-deviated-from new running schedule (all part of the new ‘rElaXEd aPpROAch’, remember…?) means … Continue reading

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Carving out a niche

Last Saturday morning, 6:42am: I clamber out of bed, relinquishing the warm embrace of the duvet. I lift the bedroom blinds a little and glance outside in the bitter blackness. Urgh. Stupid running. Nevertheless, I cast off the pyjamas and … Continue reading

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It’s cold. It’s dark. Running? Do I have to?

I’ve not been well, you know. I’ll pause momentarily for sympathy… *deafening silence…tumbleweeds*… I’ve had a nasty cold. Which we won’t be referring to as ‘man-flu’ as, in these enlightened, post-modern times, it could be construed to be sexist. Thus … Continue reading

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Girl Power

It is with a fair degree of satisfaction and delight that my daughter is enthused about sport. Unlike her elder brother, for whom the lure of spending hours watching things on YouTube (that I don’t understand/make me feel 100 years … Continue reading

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