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Less a-Blaze, more a-phelgm

‘Rolex – from £1,795’ So screams the big-screen advertisement for Ramsdens the pawnbrokers at The Riverside Stadium, home of my favoured provider of sporting disappointment: Middlesbrough FC. The first time I saw that, I assumed there was some sort of … Continue reading

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The creamiest milk, the whitest bar…

Well hello there. It’s been a while. Almost a month in fact, now I look at it. A month?! *dies* So where have I been? Pfft, where haven’t I been? The African Plains. The Mamanuca Islands. That new Burger King … Continue reading

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I should be so lucky

You know, over the years I’ve learned quite a few things… *edges his rocking chair closer to the fire, straightens the woollen blanket across his lap* I’ve learned how not to install a garden pond. I’ve learned to heed the … Continue reading

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All the colours

I confess to taking no real pride in my appearance when heading out for a run. To be clear, it’s not like I’m soiled, semi-naked and sporting an unkempt beard spotted with 3-day-old Rice Krispies or anything. Well, just that … Continue reading

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UK Fitness Bloggers’ Virtual 5k

Targets: some people would be lost without them. Archers, for one. Not the long running, agriculturally-themed Radio 4 soap opera, you understand. No, those folk that shoot arrows at multi-coloured circles. It’d be quite difficult without the multi-coloured circles. Unless … Continue reading

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Winter Wardrobe. Not that one that leads to Narnia, you understand.

Urgh, as I type there’s sleet on the window. Some might even call it bone fide snow. What is this, winter or something? Luckily, my cast-iron, etched-in-stone, cannot-be-deviated-from new running schedule (all part of the new ‘rElaXEd aPpROAch’, remember…?) means … Continue reading

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Enter The Booler

I’ve been thinking. You’ve probably been wondering what pained, grinding noise was somewhere off in the distance. It was me. Thinking. But what have I been thinking about? Have I been considering how many years it takes the average woman … Continue reading

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