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Winter Wardrobe. Not that one that leads to Narnia, you understand.

Urgh, as I type there’s sleet on the window. Some might even call it bone fide snow. What is this, winter or something? Luckily, my cast-iron, etched-in-stone, cannot-be-deviated-from new running schedule (all part of the new ‘rElaXEd aPpROAch’, remember…?) means … Continue reading

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Enter The Booler

I’ve been thinking. You’ve probably been wondering what pained, grinding noise was somewhere off in the distance. It was me. Thinking. But what have I been thinking about? Have I been considering how many years it takes the average woman … Continue reading

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A Reminiscent Wind

I made a fatal mistake the other weekend. Well, I say mistake. It very much depends on your point of view. Or my point of view. Or perhaps even Points of View with Anne Robinson. Remember that? Middle England would … Continue reading

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It’s cold. It’s dark. Running? Do I have to?

I’ve not been well, you know. I’ll pause momentarily for sympathy… *deafening silence…tumbleweeds*… I’ve had a nasty cold. Which we won’t be referring to as ‘man-flu’ as, in these enlightened, post-modern times, it could be construed to be sexist. Thus … Continue reading

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Musical Motivation

I’ve whinged on before about how my funny ears and tremendously sweaty head make running with headphones somewhat problematic. But many other people – with normal-sized ears who don’t sweat out eight-tenths of their body fluid through their cranium amidst … Continue reading

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The Feathered and the Furious

We’ve all misplaced something important at some point. The car keys. An elderly relative. Nuclear launch codes. It’s easily done. When I’m out running, I’m occasionally stopped by strangers suffering directional difficulties or similar, but its rare that my stride … Continue reading

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Welcome to Taper Town

What is a taper? Well, it’s a thin candle. Or a feeble source of light. Or a person who edits magnetic tape. None of which are particularly relevant to marathon training. But, putting nouns aside, the verb ‘to taper’ refers … Continue reading

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